The biggest perk of digital marketing is that you’re able to track and optimize all your conversions. This means that the line between marketing and sales becomes thinner and thinner.

To increase your sales, you have to plan every step from the very beginning. A well-converting sales funnel is your way to go. You should pay extra attention to every stage of sales. The stages are as follows:

  • Converting prospects to leads
  • Converting leads to customers

A prospect

A prospect is a person potentially interested in your product. It’s the user who enters a relevant query on Google or the one who just visits your website.

A lead

A lead is a person who’s already interested in your product specifically. Someone who’s subscribed to your newsletter, has downloaded a presentation of yours leaving their contact information or has subscribed to get a free product from you.

A customer

You have to convert a lead into a customer to provide them with real value and benefit from their spending.

This is basically how a sales funnel works: you find a prospect, convert them into a lead, and then convert your lead into a customer. Seems easy, right?

Now you have to start the process and see how it works. What’s going well? What can be fixed? Make sure to make their path as short as it gets. Fewer steps, more customers. And don’t be afraid of tests. Only with testing, you can find both your strongest and your weakest points and optimize them all.

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